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New & Used Shipping Containers For Sale

New & Used Shipping Container For Sale

Shipping Container For Sale

We carry used and new shipping containers for sale, in all the most popular sizes and capacities. When you’re in the market to buy a shipping container, look no further – we have you covered. All steel construction, watertight and windproof, you cannot beat a shipping container solution for your storage needs.

Used Shipping Containers for Sale

Your best value is a used Shipping Container, for reliable, strong and secure storage purposes in any location you choose. All of the road and sea tested containers we sell are in good condition, fully sealed and watertight, rodent and pest-free, and fully wind-proofed. Your contents, belongings and storage needs are addressed at a price that cannot be beaten. You can expect a 10-12 year-plus lifespan from your shipping container – the provide reliable storage, and have been time tested in all types of applications:

  • Construction site storage
  • Manufacturing site storage
  • Temporary storage solution
  • Residential move and storage
  • Alternative to Storage sales space
  • Portable, movable storage requirements

You simply cannot beat a good quality storage container for versatile, dependable storage, at a very competitive price.

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New Shipping Containers for Sale

We carry a constant supply of new or “one-trip” storage containers for sale. When you want the added peace of mind of a new storage unit, this is the way to go. All our one-trip storage containers are in like-new condition. They are 100% wind and weather-proofed, and like all our shipping containers, are of steel construction for maximum durability – your contents, belongings, equipment, and everything else will be secure and dry inside your new shipping container. If you need help with Shipping Container Sales in British Columbia, please give us a call. If you are in the market for a shipping container that looks new, and offers the maximum in performance and life expectancy, these are your best choice. We have them rotating through our inventory constantly, so all you need to do is contact us with your requirements. The 20-foot “one-trip” like-new shipping container is among our most popular. Very often, these shipping containers are modified to create permanent structures such as offices and sheds; they are extremely adaptable and versatile.

Advantages of Owning Your Shipping Container

When you know that you will be needing a long-term storage solution, a shipping container represents an excellent option:

Place your container in any location convenient to you and your needs – on your lot, beside your existing building, or some other designated location.

Should your situation change, your container is fully mobile – it can be placed in a new designated location with no problem whatsoever.

Use of a shipping container can enhance your storage capacity without, for example, putting an addition onto your building.

Simply place your container where you want it and make it a permanent part of your operations or property.

No need for drawings, permits, architects, or engineers – your new storage container comes complete and ready to go.

The Benefits Of Shipping Containers

As mentioned, shipping containers are extremely adaptable and versatile.

You can modify your unit and customize it any way you see fit add doors, windows, electrical outlets, heat, or any other modification you may need.

Users get very creative with their shipping containers.

We are more than happy to assist with the right shipping container for sale that matches your specific needs, and advise as to how to best utilise it.


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